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Get to Know Our Wise Popspotter: Miles Camp, Codeista

Aug 10, 2020

We've hit a few major milestones to be proud of this year, and that wouldn't be possible without the dedicated work from our talented team. As Popspots continues to grow, we want to highlight our employees, both new hires and established staff, to learn more about their roles, perspectives, and what makes them stand out.

This month we're happy to introduce Miles Camp, our experienced Senior Software Engineer who has insight on what it means to be a team member at Popspots and some advice for those working remotely.

Miles striking a casual pose near a scenic gravel road out by Bastrop, TX.

How long have you been at Popspots and why did you want to work here?

I hit my 2 years in June! I actually moved to Austin from North Carolina. I had spent a few months looking at opportunities while thinking about company culture and what my ideal workplace looked like.

After speaking with a few candidates, I felt confident that Popspots wanted to build the same culture I was envisioning.

On that note, how's the team culture at Popspots?

I love and value the transparency that our team brings— it fills me with confidence. Knowing my colleagues are always ready to ask questions, even the tough ones, leaves me feeling positive about our decisions and our path forward as a company.

What's the most rewarding part of your role?

The autonomy and ownership in my day-to-day. I'm trusted to be a capable developer, and I never worry about asking for help when I need it.

I also get to be more than just a developer, because we all get to shape the company and culture. I know my voice and opinion is heard.

Is there a project that you've been particularly excited to work on recently?

We're getting ready to launch a refactor of an important service that's using a handful of different components, most of which were new to me. It's been awesome getting to learn new things, develop my skills, and share what I've learned.

We've been working remotely for about 4 months now, do you have any tips on staying productive or keeping a good work-life balance?

I've been big about having a specific space for working, which is currently a table that I share with my partner. The set up includes a monitor, keyboard, and mouse and I keep it separate from other spaces.

It helps such that, when I'm not working, I'm not thinking about working.

What’s your favorite meal to prepare at home?

My initial response was margaritas. We also picked up a grill and propane accessories recently.

It has been a good way to avoid heating up our kitchen during the Austin summer weather while also trying out new recipes. Grilled peaches are pretty great.

Thanks for chatting, Miles!

If you want to learn more about Miles or ask him any questions about his work at Popspots or his propane accessories, connect with him on LinkedIn.

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